11 Ways Natural Hair Is Amazing

11 Ways Natural Hair Is Amazing

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It bothers me when women who get relaxers complain about their natural hair. I constantly hear things like “I could never manage it” or my personal favorite “My hair gotta get a relaxer or I’d cut it off”. Now, I can respect the women who choose to get relaxers because they sincerely love to lay their hair flat all the time.

I get it, I was one of those women who got a relaxer for years, and let me tell you, relaxed hair is easier to manage and can be done correctly. Plus it’s just the “in” thing to have straight hair apparently.

However, if you really take a look at natural hair, it’s actually quite amazing:


#1: Natural Hair Is Big

I love big hair and the great thing about having big hair is that it’s easy to achieve larger styles (frohawk, anyone?).

If you have any thinning spots, big natural hair can take away from that, especially if you have a thin patch at your crown. Throw your hair up in a high bun and boom, you’re good to go.

#2: It’s Versatile

If you get tired of rocking the curls and coils, it can be straightened, just be sure to use heat wisely! Natural hair is versatile, which is one of the main reasons I’ve never even considered going back to relaxers after going natural.

If I ever wear it straight, it’s always a temporary desire for me. When you’re ready, just wash it and bam! Your curls are back!

#3: You Can Get Used To It

It took me a while to get used to my natural hair texture, but the moment I figured out which products worked best for my hair, it became a breeze. Still time consuming, but I got used to it and planned my day accordingly.

Natural hair does take time and patience and even though your natural hair may be frustrating to “deal” with in the beginning, things get easier as you learn more about it.

#4: It’s Different For Everyone

Another reason I think natural hair is amazing is because it’s so different for each individual. Two people can have type 4 hair, but one person can have thick strands and the other can have thin strands, yet they can both still have densely packed hair. It makes all the difference when choosing hair products.

#5: The Curl Patterns Are So Diverse

From corkscrew curls to ziggly coils, natural hair curls are different. Guess what? One person can have different curl patterns on their head! I recently discovered that I not only have ziggly coils, I also have quite a few corkscrew curls on my head as well! Who knew?

#6: It Can Hold Styles Like Nobody’s Business

Depending on how loose your curls are, I think it’s cool that natural hair can hold itself in place when doing styles like two-strand twists. That’s why it’s a go-to style for most naturals. You don’t have to worry about putting rubber bands on the ends of your hair to hold it in place.

#7: You Don’t Have To Manipulate It Daily

I often leave my hair in twists for a month without re-styling it. It’s really convenient to not have to manipulate your hair on a daily basis. You can still wash your hair while it’s twisted so your scalp and hair stays clean.

#8: You Can Hide The Oil

Have you ever noticed that people with naturally straight hair are constantly complaining about how oily their hair gets? They wash their hair with sulfate shampoo to remove the excess oil (usually on a daily basis) meanwhile, kinky hair thrives on the oil and due to the fact that our hair isn’t straight, the oil isn’t as noticeable just by looking at it.

Actually, oil has issues traveling down a natural’s hair shaft, so it usually sits at the scalp, which is why natural hair is usually dry in natural. The oil needs to be manually moved down the hair shaft with either water, a brush, your fingers or a combination of the three.

#9: It Can Be Different Colors

Most people think African American hair is black, when in fact it’s really dark brown, some even have an auburn color to their strands. Take a look at your hair in the light. You may be surprised the different shades you have hiding in your hair.

#10: If You Love It, It Will Grow

Yup. It really doesn’t take much to make natural hair grow. Don’t over manipulate it, keep it moisturized and do protein treatments when it’s feeling mushy and needs some extra strength and it’ll grow. It’s all about tweaking your hair regimen, but I’ve learned first hand, if you love it, it will grow.

#11: Natural Hair Is Healthier

Relaxers strip the protein from your hair, which is what helps straighten in, but this also means your hair is weaker. Natural hair, although fragile, is stronger than relaxed hair. If your hair is already fragile, don’t you think adding a chemical to your hair that makes it even weaker is a bad idea? Hair in it’s natural is healthier, which (naturally) means it’s stronger.

So, if you’re currently rocking a relaxer but have been considering going natural, here are 10 reasons natural hair is amazing and maybe you’ll take the leap. If you really feel being natural isn’t for you, you can always go back to using relaxers.

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