Movies Every Comic Nerd Should Have In Their Collection

5 Movies Every Comic Nerd Should Have In Their Collection

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“With great nerdiness comes a great movie collection.”

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a real saying, but it’s what I believe. I grew up reading comics left over from my older brothers and I’m pretty picky when it comes to purchasing movies, especially when they’re based on characters from comics! These movies are some of my all time favorites and are movies ever comic nerd should have in their collection:




Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He depicts the character’s snarky, morbid humor perfectly and the only thing I’d change about this film is the length… or was it just so good that it seems short? Meh… who knows and who cares? It’s perfect for those days you feel violent yet wanna laugh at the same time.

Dr. Strange


Not only is this movie beautiful, it also gives you food for thought. I think I’ve been looking at life from a completely selfish point of view and it honestly made me wonder if I serve a bigger purpose than just sitting at home typing my brains out.

Sometimes our power doesn’t come from what we do physically, sometimes it’s more about the power of our mind. That’s deep. I’m gonna take that and roll with it.

Suicide Squad


While I can’t say I liked Jared Leto as The Joker, the movie was definitely action packed and included some witty humor that swayed me to include this on the list. I’m still waiting for a movie that includes Harley Quinn in her original Jester costume!

I love that this movie gives you the “bad guy’s” perspective. It made for a nice twist and isn’t the usual “Bad Vs. Good”. Bad Vs. Worse is what really hooked me here and it’s definitely part of the reason this movie is one of my favorites. See? Villains have hearts too!

X-Men… All Of Them!


I can’t even pick one that’s NOT awesome. While some of the movies from this series are better than others, they all belong in your collection. It’s hard to watch one without popping the next one in immediately afterwards.

Again, being able to spout the names of characters from the comics is fun, especially when the people you’re watching with have no clue what you’re talking about. What can I say? I’m a bit of a show-off sometimes 😀



No comic book nerd’s movie collection would be complete without this guy! Come on now, he’s a god! If you’re a huge fan of Thor comics, this movie won’t disappoint. Let’s forget the fact that Chris Hemsworth portrays the stoic statue and manner of speaking perfectly. Okay, maybe it’s not something we can forget. The cast works so well together and it’s really hard to not wanna visit the world of Asgard on a regular basis.

Don’t Freak Out! I Know I’ve Missed A Few

Yes, of course I know there are WAAAAAY more awesome movies out there every comic nerd should have in their collection, but that would have made this a ridiculously long post, so I thought I’d be nice and start off with 5 just in case you don’t have them already.

I’ll give you time to grab these movies, watch them and by the time you’re ready for more I’ll have some other great movie recommendations for you to add to your collection.

There’s nothing better than watching a great comic flick and I understand it can be addictive, but believe me, this list isn’t done by a long shot, so stay tuned for future posts.

Until then?  Well, take a break from reading and go watch some movies!

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