A Review Of Wealthy Affiliate's Free Membership

A Review Of Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership

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When it comes to blogging and learning things online to help build my blog, it’s something I take seriously and I don’t want to waste precious time bouncing from site to site to find the useful information I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership

I love when I can gain knowledge for free, so I was pleased when I rolled up to the Wealthy Affiliate homepage. It seemed to offer the knowledge I needed at the time. I knew I wanted to work from home and I also knew that I wanted to pursue this dream by creating a blog. It appeared I would be able to learn how to do this if I joined their learning community.

What I Got Out Of It

When I signed up, I didn’t really believe I would get much out of it and I thought surely there would be some sort of hidden fee after I confirmed my email. To my surprise, I got so much more than I thought I would.

After signing in to my account, I knew I would be able to use the information offered with their free membership:

  • 7 days of unlimited chat access to the online community (which is very active and helpful)- I could ask as many questions I wanted with the people that were online and they gladly guided me in the right direction with links and personal experiences with the program.



  • Kyle and Carson help you and answer any questions you have, as long as you do it within the 7 days of unlimited chat access. They’re super active in the community, which makes sense because they created this community.


  • The training courses are literally step-by-step, which made them really easy to create my blog, set up the WordPress plugins and customize my site to my liking. They even include video tutorials! I’d never gotten that prior to Wealthy Affiliate, especially not for free.


  • The affiliate program- I think it’s pretty cool that even as a free member you get to participate in their affiliate program. It’s residual income, but no money is made for free referrals, only premium membership referrals or free referrals who decide to upgrade.

What Is Possible With Wealthy Affiliate?

BatchesOfBeauty is in existence because of what I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership. What I learned there allowed me to skip the basics when I had to start over and it was less of a task because I already knew what I was doing. For the first time in my “professional” blogging career I felt like I really knew what I was doing.

The Downside To Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership

I can’t honestly give this training course 5 stars, if I did, I’d be lying to you and I just can’t do that. One of the things I disliked about the training is that it left me wanting more, but I couldn’t get more unless I upgraded to the premium membership, which even now I’m not ready to do just yet.

The Other Negatives

  • Just when you start getting into how to get more website traffic, they tell you to upgrade to premium in order to access what most new bloggers really want to know. (such a tease!)


  • Once your 7 day trial is up, you can’t comment on posts by others in the community, chat, ask questions or do anything other than view their posts, read their tips. While reading is useful, if you have questions you’ll have to stalk them by finding their site, asking questions there and hoping they answer you via email or in their blog comments.

The biggest issue I have with this whole thing is that the “meat” of the training is all in premium. The free membership really just shows you how to pick a niche (I’m not a fan of how they insist you stick to one topic on a blog either. Not liking that idea at all) and start creating content on the WordPress platform.

This is really great for someone that has NO CLUE how to create a blog, doesn’t know what keyword research is and for someone who isn’t very computer savvy. Everyone else will probably only benefit if they’re going to use the 2 free sites to run an experiment (which I’m considering doing just to test the niche theory, but that’ll be a while).

The Bottom Line

While definitely a let down after 6 months, Wealthy Affiliate does provide you with some useful tips that will come in handy in your future endeavors (especially if you intend to stick to WordPress), but I can’t say 100% that you won’t be able to find the free information they offer anywhere else on the web.

One thing I found useful was that I could get help in one place without having to fill my bookmark tab for multiple sites. I hate bouncing around to multiple sources just to find the answer to one or two questions I have.

Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership isn’t for a blogging pro, but for a beginner with zero experience that needs an easy to follow guide that is adapted with all learning types in mind (visual, auditory, hands-on) then it’s definitely worth a shot.

If I’d never come across Wealthy Affiliate, I doubt I’d be so confident in my ability to navigate WordPress. I’m sure I would have found another way, but I doubt I would have learned so quickly.

Great For Motivation

The last thing I noticed about this community is that it’s full of motivational information. They really want you to succeed and I can’t even say it’s because they want your money because you’re not their referral, they don’t benefit from pushing you to upgrade to premium.

The premium members create blog posts there (like a journal to help users track progress and it’s available for others to read) that are so motivational and give us newbies real hope that one day we’ll be able to work from home doing only what we love. There’s a “homey” vibe to the community and everyone there feels like family. Which is why I always keep returning.

I’ve made some great friends there within the community and while I don’t see myself upgrading to premium anytime soon, just returning for the motivation is enough for me.


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