BatchesOfBeauty Goals For 2017

BatchesOfBeauty Goals For 2017

Of all the blogs I’ve ever had, I’ve never really sat down to write out my goals. After joining in on the WordPress University courses, it was suggested that I do so as part of the day one assignment. I couldn’t help but get a little annoyed as my blog section is already surpassing the other categories on my blog, but then I realized I should probably get into the habit of writing my goals down. It really seems to make a difference.

So, What Are My Blogging Goals?

It’s one thing to make the decision to re-start my blogging lifestyle, but another thing entirely to really take the time to make some solid goals. However, I managed to come up with a few answers instantly the moment I sat down to write:

  • Have 400 blog followers by New Year’s Eve of 2017


  • Focus more on connecting with other bloggers in the blogosphere- I’ve always tried to blog alone, without chit chatting because I thought it would ruin my focus. Yet, I realize I may have quit in the past because I didn’t have anyone to connect with and motivate me to keep going.


  • Promote hard-I really need to get my content out there if I expect people to actually read what I’ve taken the time to write.


  • Create a concrete writing schedule. Ideally, I’d like to post at LEAST once per week. I’ve exceeded this so far, but knowing me I may start to falter a bit further down the blogging road.


  • Don’t be a spammer- I don’t think I have this issue, but I feel I should write it down just in case I’m tempted to go that route. I’m ashamed to say I’ve done it in the past but it felt so wrong that I stopped. I don’t always need to link to my content. I should just read the content of other bloggers and voice my opinions on their work. The rest will come naturally.


  • Have fun! I’ve noticed when I focus on creating useful content about whatever I want, it’s more fun than trying to stick with what’s trending. I know I’m supposed to treat blogging like a business, but I’m the kind of person who doesn’t respond well to the pressure of creating content every single day because that’s what I’m “supposed” to do. I’m more likely to write daily if I feel like it was my own idea.


If BatchesOfBeauty Exceeded Your Expectations, What Would Things Be Like?

This question was a real pooper. I really hadn’t thought about my blog exceeding my expectations, but perhaps it’s time I did. I was forced to think about this answer for a while, but I finally closed my eyes and concentrated on creating my dream blogger life:

  • I’d only have to post once per week


  • I’d be able to take a vacation once every year-I’m not talking about a “vacation” where I just take a couple of weeks off. I’m talking about the kind of vacation where I actually travel out of state or even out of the country for a while. Don’t worry, I’d totally bring my laptop!


  • I’d earn a full-time income solely from my blog and wouldn’t have to worry about freelancing unless I just wanted to.


Branding Goals

As silly as this may sound, I JUST figured out what branding really means when it comes to blogging. I always thought it was something only professional business owners had to worry about. In reality, branding is how you present yourself to readers so they recognize you no matter where you are. For me, I’d like my brand to be me and not necessarily what service I provide.

I’d like to be known for my honesty, my personality and the my voice as a writer. I created my site logo myself so I can only hope that people will come to recognize this and realize it’s me.


Can I Do This?

This is my own personal question to myself that I think it’s important for me to write down (so to speak). I think I can do this! I’ve learned so much in the past few years that I do believe that with a lot of hard work (writing, writing and more writing) and even more patience, I’ll be able to reach these goals.


For me this is round four! *Ding Ding Ding!* Let’s get to it!


What Are Your Goals As A Blogger?

Have you taken the time to think about what you’d like to achieve with your blog? Leave your comment below or link to your blog’s goal post.(Yep, I just went there) 🙂



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  • Sparkyjen May 9, 2017 at 10:17 PM

    When I decided to start blogging, I also decided to simply do it for the experience. I also wanted to define my blogging style for myself, which means putting my personality in every line of my posts. I chose a title that helps.

    I keep a ready supply of blog post titles in Word, also on scraps of paper until these titles can be transferred. What I have found is that I often blog about something totally different, but if I happen to get stuck, I have titles to choose from.

    I make sure to keep my blog current, which means I never wait too long into a new month to post. If I happen to post 6 or seven times during the month, so be it, but no stress in doing so. And I never state anywhere how many times I intend to post. I just post.

    My main goal has always been to “blog-hop.” I enjoy reading, liking, and commenting on a regular basis. I also revisit blogs that follow me on a regular basis. That way slowly but surely I am building a loyal readership. If in the future, I decide to monetize my blog, I already have a following who trusts that I will post attractive reading which is of a “Sparky,” inspirational nature first and foremost.

    It’s been a growing and learning experience so far. And as such, there could come a time [especially since internet traffic grows by the day], when I will feel that I have earned the right to call myself an authority, and thus be paid as such. Just some mentions!

    • Shalaria LeNoir May 10, 2017 at 1:54 AM

      That’s actually a great idea about posting whenever you feel. Sometimes I just get so caught up in something that I forget to post or keep putting it off because I haven’t taken it seriously before in the past.

      For me, Blogging is like working out. As long as I keep doing it regularly I can stick to it but once I stop it’s hard for me to start again. Making it a habit has always worked better if I schedule it out, at least in the beginning.

      I love to “blog-hop”! It’s amazing the awesome people you can meet and connect with and I love reading the views of others. Sometimes I’m shocked to see others share similar thoughts and views as I do.


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