Shalaria here just to inform you that BatchesOfBeauty.com, as entertaining as it may be, is my online business and as such, my posts do contain affiliate links to products.

Anytime you click on a link within this site and make a purchase, I will be compensated at no additional cost to you.

While BatchesOfBeauty.com is my source of income, also be aware that there’s no way in Hell I’m gonna link to a product that I don’t personally recommend.

Sure, I’ll link to similar products that I don’t use personally, but I can promise you I’ll only link to similar products if they’re from a company I trust. This is especially true within my natural hair care posts.

Everything else I link to outside the realm of natural hair care? I’ll ONLY link to products or services I’ve personally use that I think would be beneficial for you.

If you’ve read about me, you know I hate the thought of being called a liar and I’m very upfront about what I do.

I don’t believe in misleading people or presenting you with products and services just to make a sale.

I’m in the business of recommending products that are beneficial to you and being compensated by the affiliate programs I’ve joined without charging you, the consumer, any additional fees.