Freelance Obstacles I Wasn't Expecting

Freelance Writing Obstacles I Wasn’t Expecting

You’d think I’d have learned something from the numerous articles and blogs I’ve read about starting a career in freelance writing. Sure, content mills are pretty easy to make money with, as long as you put the hours in, but what about pitching for more profitable gigs? I’m starting to quickly approach freelance obstacles I wasn’t expecting.

I’ve literally spent most of the day trying to search for blogs that accept guest posts that are in a niche that interest me and I’ve only managed to find one to pitch to. Now? I’m starting to get a migraine. Not only that, I’ve started to doubt myself as a writer, yet again.

Freelance Gigs Aren’t So Easy To Land

Sure, I was expecting to have to pitch my ideas to numerous blogs of interest and I was and am aware that I have to alter my writing style to fit the blog or site’s preexisting audience, but the issue for me lies in me finding a site or blog that covers topics I’m actually interested in.

I know there out there, but I feel like there hidden somewhere deep within freelance job boards on the very last page or something.

Anxiety Sets In

Honestly, I’m tired of working here and there for a measly $8-$10 per 500 word post.

I know that sounds snooty, and believe me, I’m grateful for every amount I make online, but I’m starting to realize I’m worth more than this. Maybe not as a person, but definitely as a writer.

I’m definitely in no position to say I’m “prolific” per say, but I’m pretty sure I’ve written long enough and have enough English comprehension skills to land a regular gig as a contributor for someone’s blog.

Juggling Guest Posting And My Own Blog

I get it, guest posting is one of the best ways to build traffic and bring brand awareness to your own blog, but honestly, I’m already anticipating the issues I’ll have trying to juggle between creating content for my own blog and creating content on another site.

In my mind, I’m constantly asking myself, “Do I save this idea for my own blog or should I give it to this particular online publication?”. It’s not a happy thought and it sends chills down my spine as I think of what would happen if I let go of something precious to me that should have stayed here on Batches Of Beauty.

I also fear I’m brushing off potential opportunities because I’m trying to keep the golden ticket to myself, which in the end actually hurts my progress as a freelance writer.

Am I Good Enough?

This isn’t just limited to what I ask myself daily in my personal life, but it’s also something I ask myself about my professional life. Do I really have what it takes to pursue this dream that I’ve had for so long?

Am I doing enough or are my thoughts so disorganized that I’m becoming unproductive?

I’m trying to remember my own words about how blogging pains are only temporary, but it’s way easier said than done and the frustration and headaches are starting to kick in full-time.

The Freelance Struggle Just Got Real

Today I realized just how real the struggle is to become accepted as a freelancer. The fear just hit me as I realize just how much I’m risking. Am I chasing a fantasy that will never come true? Or am I simply afraid to succeed?

For me, the freelance obstacles I wasn’t expecting just jumped out to stab me. For me, the freelance struggle just got real.





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