How To Fail As A Blogger: Things You Should Never Do

How To Fail At Blogging: Things You Should Never Do

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Ah, yes, you’ve decided to join the blogosphere and you think you’re going to be successful. Afterall, you’ve been creating content whenever you get the chance and that’s all it takes, right? WRONG! If you go into blogging with this simple mindset, this means your blog is gonna fail.

Don’t worry, there are things you can do to create a successful blog, but that’s something I’ll get into in another post.

How To Fail At Blogging

Failing at anything makes you feel like crap and it definitely makes you want to quit. However, when you take time to create a blog, social media accounts and comment on other blogs to get traffic only to fail? That’s a whole different level of shattered dreams.

If you’ve decided to brush yourself off and give blogging another try, good for you! Instead of going into what you should be doing to create a successful blog, let’s get into what to do if you want to become a blogging failure. Ya know, the things you DON’T want to do as a blogger.

Don’t Blog For The Money

The main reason most failed bloggers don’t see success is because they’re blogging strictly to make money, even if that means they have to write about things they don’t care about. Some bloggers even go as far as recommending products or services just for the high commissions. (Which I’m totally against. You can read my full disclaimer here.)

This isn’t going to work, because as much as you’d like to tell yourself you can just bullshit your way thru creating content without having to do research, this isn’t the case. You’re going to need to spend a lot of time reading about the things you want to blog about because you don’t want to create inaccurate content.

Your readers can easily google the facts and when they find out you didn’t even bother giving them the proper advice, you’re going to become known as a “spam blogger”; those bloggers who just write to make money and don’t care about their readers. Everyone hates those people, so if you do blog strictly for the money, you can kiss your blogging career goodbye before it even starts.

Ignoring Legit Comments

There are spam comments and there are legit comments. Spam comments are annoying and I personally don’t waste time answering them. I actually use a plugin for my site that blocks spam comments so I never have to see them in the first place.

Then, there are real people who took time to read your post and took even more time to leave a comment on what you’ve written. DO NOT IGNORE THESE! As a frequent blog commenter, I can say there’s no way I’m going back to a blog if I don’t get a response from the person who wrote the content.

Your readers are going to remember if you ignore them, especially if they ask questions for clarification or guidance. Ignoring a legit blog comment is  the fastest way to lose readers before you even get any.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is where you fill in the keyword section of every post with a bunch of single words you mention in your blog. While you may think you’ll get more traffic (and you may in the beginning), you’re actually causing your content to show up in search results for unrelated search terms.

I’m sure you’ve typed in some words or phrases in Google, clicked on one of the pages in the results only to find it had nothing to do with what you were looking for. What did you do?

I’m guessing you quickly left the page and looked for other results with content that answered your question or provided more information you would consider related to the words or phrases you typed into the search bar, right?

To find some awesome keywords for your content, I recommend using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. You can see what readers are looking for and see how many other bloggers have already covered the subject and find the keywords people are searching for that don’t have as many results.

Pointless Posts

Even I was guilty of doing this as a new blogger back in the day. I was so eager to fill my blog with content that I didn’t even bother making sure it was useful.

Even now, with all the information from successful bloggers providing info to help guide you, I see blogs with single sentence posts. To make matters worse, those sentences are usually a link to an affiliate product or site.

Not only does this look tacky, it’s also unprofessional and will make you look like your don’t value your own blog enough to put time into creating useful content. If you don’t respect your blog, how can you expect your readers to?

Your Blog Has No Pictures

If you’re like me (and most blog readers) it’s annoying trying to read a blog post that doesn’t have photos.

Photos are going to keep your readers on your page longer because a post without photos just looks like a group of words. Unless you’re an established blogger who has multiple well-known sites around the web, you’re not going to get many people reading your blog. A few seconds of scrolling to find either headlines or photos is all you’ll get, if you’re lucky.

There are some successful bloggers that don’t bother placing images anywhere on their blogs, but these are usually bloggers that are already well-known and who have other sites and blogs that DO have an abundance of photos.

You can also just take the easy road like I did and simply have one image per post, but at the very least, I’d recommend a featured photo for each of your posts. I get it, life can be busy and not everyone has time to take pictures of every single thing they do for every single post.

Just make sure whatever photo you use that it illustrates what your blog post is about. In other words, you don’t want your featured image to be of a horse when your content is about a nice recipe you just tried.

There’s No Menu

Have you ever visited a blog post that you loved so much that you wanted to check out other posts only to realize there’s no menu? Did you leave, frustrated and cursing the blog owner for not bothering to show you how to get to the rest of their content? Probably.

Readers want your blog content to be easy to find, especially if you have a blog that covers multiple topics. Even if you only cover a single topic, some readers want to be able to read your older posts and they don’t wanna spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to navigate your blog.

Your Font Style & Color Scheme Is Off

Using fancy, curvy fonts may look cute to you, but have you ever tried reading an entire post that had curvy fonts? It’s hard on the eyes and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my eyes and head to start hurting just by reading a few words.

The same can be said for color schemes that are way too bright. Sometimes the colors are too dark and other times they’re too bright. I don’t want to read black font on a fire engine red background.

People Can’t Connect With You

Blogging without social media is like trying to cut grass without a lawn mower. Sure, there are other ways to cut grass, but it’s gonna take forever and you’re gonna be more exhausted than necessary.

The same can be said for blogging without social media promotion. I’m sure you can simply a ton of posts and eventually people will find their way to you, but do you really wanna work harder and get fewer results? I didn’t think so.

You Give Up/Rush Things

This is a big one! So many blogs go abandoned after a few months because their owners didn’t see immediate results. Blogging is a business if you want it to be, and no business can grow if you don’t work your ass off.

Blogging should also be something you actually enjoy doing! If you hate writing or reading and doing so consistently, then maybe blogging isn’t for you at all.

If you’re going to do all the work creating a blog just to ditch it because it didn’t become a cash cow after a couple of weeks or a month, are you seriously gonna just give up? While your own answer may be “No”, most bloggers drop their heads and have to mumble “Yes”.

An abandoned blog is a waste of space and it’s worthless to both you and your readers.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Sometimes things can get disorganized and you may not always know where you want to start. If this is the case, head over to The Blog Creation Checklist to help you regain your focus.

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