My Heart Is Healing: Things Are Getting Better

My Heart Is Healing:Things Are Getting Better

It warms my heart to be able to write this post. I’m wide awake at almost 1am and I won’t be able to sleep until I empty my overstuffed brain.

In my previous post, My Demons: Why I Push Love Away, I talked about how I was stuck in a place between longing for love and fearing it.

It’s been a long road to healing, but I feel I’m finally going in the right direction. I feel better every day. It’s not just about romantic love, it’s also about me being with someone who doesn’t shatter my confidence and makes me feel amazing every time they’re around.

Feeling beautiful is something I never thought I’d feel again and the feeling of sorrow slipping away is a huge weight off my shoulders and shines a little more light into my soul.


Why My Heart Is Healing

I’ve accepted love into my life. While I can’t say I did it with open arms, it persisted until I could no longer deny how I feel. Positive vibes are constantly being thrown in my direction and done so with such intensity that I have no doubts in my mind.

Sure, I’m still insecure, and I still find myself fighting the good feelings, but it’s not so overwhelming that I feel the need to run. I have been able to stop, ponder what I’m feeling and try to determine if I really have a reason to feel insecure or if it’s just leftover scars from my past.

The healing process, unfortunately, is not a painless one, but I can feel the scabs beginning to form on the heart that was once broken.


Why Things Are Getting Better

I want to change for the better. I want to climb from the shadows of my past and walk over the hill into the new beginning. A beginning that leads to the happiness of my heart. I realize I have spent too long denying my heart the thing it’s always wanted: love.

I keep this in mind as I continue to battle with myself whenever I’m occasionally having a day when I’m feeling a little blue, and keeping my focus on the good has helped me see things in an entirely different way lately.


Looking Forward To The Positive Change

It’s nice to be loved and it’s amazing how another person can make or break you. The scary part is that I was breaking myself by running. I’m looking forward to the positive changes that lie ahead and I’m making it my goal to continue to get better.

To Life & Happiness,



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  • @MArvee_goon May 8, 2017 at 6:43 AM

    Impressed by most of your works if not all. I just love it.

  • Mia May 7, 2017 at 7:08 PM

    Aw what a lovely post! I’m so glad you’re on your way to healing . . . all the best to you lovely!x

    • Shalaria LeNoir May 7, 2017 at 8:02 PM

      Awww! Thank you so much! How’ve you been? I’m pretty sure I left a comment on your blog about your new design, but it’s awesome I’m lovin’ it!


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