My Imaginary Life

My Imaginary Life

In my imaginary life, I’m a woman that doesn’t need to dream

Love in my life and we smile to take a photo while I’m wrapped beneath his wings

We live in a place where the weather is warm and there are no worries of freezing cold or snow storms

We travel to places that show us the sea

Taking boats and planes to see the things we wish to see

This imaginary life I have in my head, teases me, releases me and drops me on my bed

I wake in the morning with a smile on my face, then my heart sinks when I realize I’m not in that place

The place where butterflies roam and the birds always sing

A tear runs down my face as I think “Those things will never be”

In my imaginary life, I answer to no one and we dance at sunset and stay out until moonlight

The weather in this life is warm always sunny and he brings me soup when I’m sick and my nose is runny

My imaginary life is one of simple things

A dog named Journey, he’s a frisky little thing

Far from others, we live in this world

Walking and talking about the most random things

Until we stop and he kisses me and wraps me in his wings

In my imaginary life there’s no such thing as pain

When the land is dry, nature makes it rain

Not enough to cause a flood, but just enough to make the trees bud

In my imaginary world, I’m a goddess, I’m a queen

Not some insecure being

With terrors and scars of the battles that have passed

Instead, I have a glimmer in my eyes that says I’m happy, not sad

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