My New Relationship With Coconut Oil

My New Relationship With Coconut Oil

I’ve been a fan of using coconut oil for years. I’ve even replaced lotion for the sweet smell of this glorious oil and my skin has been thanking me for it.

However, when it comes to my hair in the past, I’ve only used it every now and then or after I washed my hair.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR shedding and while I think most of it is due to the seasonal changes, it scared me a bit and when I get scared, I turn to Google for answers. Who doesn’t, right?

The Magic Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been dubbed “the oil of all oils” when it comes to hair care because of everything it can do that other oils can’t. Just a few of the reasons I’ve decided coconut oil is the one I’m starting a serious relationship with include:

  • I have a ton of it and can get it for less than $15 for a 54oz jar when I run out
  • It actually penetrates the hair shaft/follicles, making it both a moisturizing and sealing oil, so I’ll be able to skip the leave in conditioner.
  • It’s light and doesn’t leave my hair greasy
  • It smells amazing- ummm… I’ll say it smells like coconut 🙂
  • It melts my tangles away
  • Helps hair retain moisture
  • Prevents protein loss and strengthens strands

How I Intend To Amp Things Up

In the past, I only used coconut oil on my hair maybe once a week or every other week, whenever I washed or rinsed my hair. This little experiment of mine is going to include using coconut oil on my hair daily.

I’ll be applying a very conservative amount of coconut oil to my hair while it’s dry, starting at the ends and working my way up.

If I feel I need a little extra moisture, I’ll very lightly spritz my hair with water and apply the coconut oil to damp hair. 2-3 times a week I will be applying coconut oil to my scalp just to make sure to treat any scalp issues if I have any I don’t know about.

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is also an anti-fungal so this should help prevent any issues that could arise. Plus I just like the idea of having a super clean scalp even on the days I don’t wash my hair.

Scalp Massage

Although I won’t be applying coconut oil to my scalp daily, I’ll be massaging my scalp daily with my Vitagoods shampoo brush for at least 10 minutes prior to going to bed.

I’ve been really really bad at massaging my scalp on a regular basis, and I firmly believe this could be just part of the reason for the increase in shedding lately.

So Far, So Good

I already know I’m not protein sensitive, so I’m not concerned about this oil making my hair crunchy or causing breakage. This is the 4th day I’ve applied coconut oil to my hair while dry and it’s soft, shiny and it smells delicious.

dry hair coconut oil application

What My Hopes Are

First off, I’ll just say, I love coconut oil. I do, I can’t help it, so I’ll probably use it even if I don’t get the results I want. However, as with most things in my life, I have goals. My hair is not excluded.

I’d love to stop the single strand knots, shedding and tangles from happening so often. While I don’t expect to eliminate these issues entirely (I think these things come with having fine strands and dense hair that’s naturally coily) I definitely want to minimize how often I have issues with these things.

I don’t think this should be something I encounter on a daily basis! Only time will tell, but I’ll definitely be keeping you updated on any changes I experience.

What’s Your Oil Of Choice?

Are you a fan of oiling your hair? If so, what’s your go to oil of choice? I’d love to know, so leave your comment below!

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