My Vitagoods Shampoo Brush Review

My Vitagoods Shampoo Brush Review

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I’m a natural hair enthusiast (in case you hadn’t noticed) and I decided to go anti hair crack (relaxer) in 2011. Since then I’ve done a lot of research about hair, not just to help me along my hair journey, but also because it’s just something I think is interesting.


Coily hair really is on an entirely different level.


Meet The Vitagoods Shampoo Brush

One nifty item I decided to invest in was the Vitagoods shampoo brush. While technically it’s for shampooing, I also use it to give myself a scalp massage whenever I feel like it, even if I’m not gonna wash my hair that day.


What It Does

While those with finer hair types may be able to thoroughly cleanse their scalp using only a cleansing agent and their fingers, those of us that have dense, coily hair find it can be quite the chore. There’s nothing more annoying than drying your hair only to find you’ve missed a few spots.

The vitagoods shampoo brush is equipped with long rubber bristles that are firm enough to get through even the most dense hair yet flexible enough to cleanse the scalp without causing unnecessary damage to the skin. Another positive? It won’t rip your hair out when used properly.

It’s also a scalp massage brush so it’s great to use whenever you’re feeling tense or if you just happen to like scalp massages. (It also vibrates if you put batteries in it, which makes it even easier to use and that much more relaxing)


The Cost

It’s a pricey little thing! $30 is the most I’ve ever spent on a hair tool (that’s including shipping)  and I winced a little when I clicked the “place order” button. Not even kidding.

My Vitagoods Shampoo Brush Review

Pros Of The Vitagoods Shampoo Brush

  • Allows for easy scalp access
  • Gentle, yet firm for a deeper clean
  • Doesn’t require a lot of pressure, so your hand won’t cramp up if you’re into giving yourself long scalp massages.
  • Comes in a variety of pretty colors! (I love the purple one)
  • Safe for daily use
  • It vibrates (suuuuper relaxing!)
  • It’s easy to clean

Cons Of The Vitagoods Shampoo Brush

  • It’s pricey!
  • Can be addictive
  • You need a tiny screwdriver to unlock the battery compartment
  • You can’t usually find it in stores


My Vitagoods Shampoo Brush Review

You have to twist it to open the brush and expose the battery compartment.


It’s Great For Sebum Production!

Sebum, your body’s naturally produced oil, is great for protecting your hair against the elements as well as helping your hair retain moisture. Producing more of this is great, especially prior to washing your hair since the water will help the oil move from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

While this may not be ideal for those who have straight hair, curly and coiled strands can sometimes need a bit of help with this since your hair’s curl pattern prevents sebum from moving down the length of your hair freely.

My Vitagoods Shampoo Brush Review

This button activates the vibrating feature.


Would I Recommend It?

Hell yes! I’ve even used this brush for migraine relief! So even if you’re not a huge fan of scalp massages, it can still be beneficial, plus as I stated before, it’s definitely a way to get a more thorough clean without having to use a more harsh cleansing agent like a sulfate shampoo. My vitagoods shampoo brush is a winner in my book.



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