Terressentials sultry spice mud wash

Terressentials Sultry Spice Mud Wash

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What Is It?

Terressentials sultry spice mud wash

The Terressentials sultry spice mud wash is made from aged volcanic ashes found in Africa. While I prefer to call it mud, in reality it’s actually bentonite clay.  Terressentials comes pre-mixed with other organic ingredients to help those like me who hate measuring and mixing hair potions.

Bentonite clay sticks to the dirt and debris (including excess oils) that is caught in hair and is then washed away when the user rinses with warm/hot water.

The Texture 

This is indeed mud, making it a very thick creamy texture and reddish brown in color. I sensed no grit at all. Just be sure to shake the bottle before each use because some of the ingredients tend to rise to the top when the bottle has been sitting for a while.

The Smell

As the name suggests, this particular fragrance of mud wash has a very spicy smell thanks to the patchouli that’s included in the ingredients.

The Ingredients 

  • Organic aloe vera juice (from concentrate)
  • Bentonite clay
  • Organic linden flower extracts
  • Organic nettle
  • Organic chamomile
  • Organic shavegrass
  • Organic vanilla
  • Orange essential oil
  • Organic patchouli
  • Organic lavender
  • Organic petitgrain
  • Organic atlas cedar
  • Organic cinnamon leaf
  • Organic pine

All ingredients used are certified organic and does not include any sulfates, parabens, or silicones.

How I Apply It

First, I make sure to wet my hair. Due to the thickness and texture of my hair, I apply the mud wash in sections. I also dilute it with water in a separate bottle so it’s easier for me to rinse. I only dilute enough for one wash session because I’m paranoid and feel like leaving this stuff in a bottle diluted with water would cause it to spoil or “go bad”. I’m not sure if this is true or not though.

Terressentials sultry spice mud wash

Sectioning my hair before washing

My Experience 

I did do the suggested 7 day detox despite the fact I haven’t used silicones, parabens or sulfates on my hair in over 2 years now. (Hair detox instructions)

I really wanted to see if this product would provide moisture to my hair if used daily or if it would actually dry my hair out more and more each day.

Days 1-4  were a pain in the ass because I had to wash my hair 3 times in one session and then I had to wait a while before doing the final rinse. On a positive note, I did feel my coily hair feel cleaner and fluffier after each rinse.

Days 5-6 were still a little annoying because I still had to wash and rinse twice. These are the days I noticed post wash styling wash much easier and the tangles I usually have to battle with when my hair is wet were practically non-existent.

Day 7 was a breeze from start to finish! I was able to section my hair quickly and I only needed to wash and rinse once! The curl definition I saw was the best I’d ever seen in my life! Yes, I’m including the times I once used hair gel and styling tools to give my hair some kind of shape.

Terressentials Sultry Spice Mud Wash Review

My hair after using the Terressentials sultry spice mud wash

The Good

  • When diluted, this bottle lasts me a while even with daily washing, which makes it cost effective.
  • The product does as it claims and didn’t strip my hair of its natural oils, yet my hair was still clean.
  • It was really easy to rinse when it was diluted and I didn’t have the issue of having product being left in my hair.
  • All organic ingredients!!

The Bad

  • If you’re on a budget this stuff is pricey. I pay about $23 per bottle after shipping.
  • The fragrance can be overpowering at first, but once your hair dries the smell is very subtle. I see myself getting tired of the spicy fragrance eventually.
  • If you don’t dilute it, this stuff will go quick and be harder to rinse out.
  • Whether you dilute it or not, the washing process is going to be messy, especially if you ever wash your hair in the sink like I do instead of in the shower. Prepare to have your sink look like a murder scene!

Buyer’s Remorse?

Absolutely not. For my hair type and hair concerns, the pros well outweigh the cons.

While I currently don’t wash my hair daily since completing the initial detox, I have been washing my hair way more than I used to due the the ease of detangling and styling since using the Terressentials sultry spice mud wash.

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