Things A Man Should Never Say To His Girlfriend

Things A Man Should Never Say To His Girlfriend

I’m sure if you’re a man and you’re reading this, you’ll want to cut my head off, but I fear as a woman I must inform you. You all seem very confused when your girlfriends get upset after you say something.

While I’m all for expressing yourself and your partner accepting you for who you are, there really are certain things a man should NEVER say to his girlfriend.. unless he just doesn’t want said girlfriend anymore, that is.

Don’t worry guys, I’m not one-sided and I agree with you (I can see you mumbling to yourself that women say unacceptable things too) that we say things we should never say to our boyfriends, but that’s for another post!

So, until then…

I Think You Should Wear An Outfit Like That

While this may seem harmless to you, women have a way with twisting words that I’m sure drives men crazy (and not in the good way).

In our minds, a woman hears “I don’t like the way you dress and I’d rather you wear an outfit like the one I’ve just pointed out.”

This is especially hurtful if the outfit that’s been brought to our attention is being worn by another female that WE think is prettier or more physically attractive than we are.

This is where thoughts like “Oh, so you’d rather have a woman that dresses like her????”

While this isn’t necessarily the case with ALL women, it’s definitely the case with insecure women which, unfortunately for you, is ALMOST all women.

Even if you say “I wish you would dress differently” is a shitty way to go about it.

What you were PROBABLY trying to say (yes, I’m glaring at you) was “You have such a nice body, baby, I don’t understand why you don’t show it off more”. Right?

You Never Do Anything

Men and women seem to disagree a lot when it comes to who does more in a relationship. I have a theory that this is because men and women give differently.

For example, a lot of women consider sex something meaningful and the simple fact that she’s opening her body to someone is her way of saying “I care about you and I want to be with you” while men seem to be able to toss their bodies around for anyone who seems interested, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s looking for commitment.

For the men out there that think spending money on a woman is the only way to show her you care, you’re WRONG. You can’t buy her things and expect her to be happy even though you’re working 18 hours a day and she rarely sees you.

Why? Well, boyfriends out there who are completely confused, it’s because women show their love by actions. If she says she’s exhausted or sick, but still accompanies you to that black tie event for your job? THAT’S love.

Actions speak louder than words and go much further with a woman than any wallet can stretch.

SHOW her you care, don’t try to buy her approval or happiness. It just doesn’t work that way for a woman who really wants a relationship.

She’s done plenty, you’ve just been so busy spending that maybe you never noticed the little things. Women, my dears, are subtle and we expect you to notice because we would notice.

She’s Hot

Never sit there and tell your girlfriend another woman is “hot” and expect her to be okay with it. Just like you wouldn’t want your girlfriend telling YOU another guy is “hot” even though you both know your partner is going to find other people attractive.

It’s completely disrespectful and to a woman, even though she knows there’s no such thing as only being attracted to one person and she doesn’t expect to be the only person you ever violate with your eyes, she DOES expect you to make her FEEL like she’s the only one you find attractive and think about being with.

I Would Love To Have A Threesome

It’s not such a big deal if the two of you are talking about sexual fantasies. This definitely isn’t an issue if your girl has been with/wants to be with another woman (because let’s face it, what man actually wants a threesome with his girlfriend and another guy) and she’s confident that the two of you have a solid relationship.

However, an insecure woman doesn’t want to hear that her man wants to add another woman to the mix. Yep. I’m sure you’ve guessed it.

Even couples that thought they’d be fine with it have had threesomes that completely flipped their little happy world upside down. Why? Someone felt left out and it’s USUALLY the woman.

Let’s say you guys agree to a threesome with another woman and she comes over and the three of you start going at it. At some point your girlfriend looks up and sees your eyes rolling to the back of your head while the other woman’s mouth is wrapped around your… ahem… manhood.

Can you guess how she starts to feel? Here, I’ll tell you! She’s going to start to feel like you’re having such a great time with little miss third wheel that maybe she should just leave the two of you alone until you’re done. After all, it’s not like you’d notice she was missing until you wanted to double dip and could only find one cookie jar.

If your relationship is on the rocks, the answer isn’t a threesome and if you think your relationship is solid, the fun and excitement that’s supposed to come from a threesome could very well put your relationship on the rocks or abruptly end it altogether.

You Kept Accusing Me Of Cheating So I Decided To Do It

I’m gonna be blunt here. This is the dumbest thing a person (male or female) can do. It’s something I commonly hear men say more than women and for some reason men think it’s going to make the situation better.

If you REALLY think the only way to get your girlfriend to stop worrying about you cheating or accusing you of cheating is to go out and do the very thing she THOUGHT you were going to do, you’re an idiot.

It does the opposite. It makes things worse. The only way it’d get her to stop nagging you about it would be when she ended the relationship and walked out your door for the last time.

The only way to get your girlfriend to stop accusing you of cheating or stop worrying that you’ll cheat is to be PATIENT and keep your dick in your pants unless you’re going to make sure she’s the focus of your attention when you whip it out (unless you’re taking a piss, then that’s another story. In that case, keep that away from us.)

Otherwise, it’s going to end in total disaster. There’s no justification for cheating.

What Are You Gonna Do About It?

You take her keys and won’t give them back and you say this. Not only does that tell her you think she’s small and weak and you know for a fact you’re stronger than she is, this could also give her the impression that you’re a bully or a manipulative man.

It’s not sexy that you talk down to her or treat her a certain way just because you know you could easily overpower her if you needed to. Nobody likes a bully and women definitely don’t like dating one.

Keep your strength for moments when it’s necessary like helping us open a pickle jar, we insist, but don’t rub it in our faces how weak we are compared to you or make us feel small and insignificant.

Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Past Conquests

No woman wants to hear about your past love life. The girl you hooked up with in high school, where you got your first blowjob, where you and your ex-wife used to enjoy going to or the bombshell hottie you “used to” have a crush on that you never had the balls to talk to.

Wanna talk about them and feel free to gush your little heart out? Go right ahead… WITH YOUR GUY FRIENDS WHEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND ISN’T AROUND.

Why? Because we like to imagine we’re the love of your life and the very mention of anyone else making you giggly kills that image for us.

It starts to make us wonder if you secretly harbor feelings for these “amazing” women of your past, especially if you’re still in contact with them.

Stop it! We want to be the only one capable of giving you an erection and making you blush.

The only mention of an ex should be when you’re pissed off and calling her a cunt because she keeps blowing up your phone or when you’re telling your current girlfriend you have a child with an ex and that the two of you only communicate when it’s concerning your child.

We’re not your guy friends and we don’t enjoy listening to you as you think about all the good times you’ve had with OTHER women.


In Conclusion

Unless you know your lady inside and out, it’s a damn good idea to avoid saying these things to your girlfriend. We get it, you’ll slip up because we slip up too and say things we shouldn’t. We’re only human. However, it may be time to check yourself if you find yourself constantly talking about or saying these things to the woman I’m sure you claim to love or it’s going to put even more doubt in her mind and make happiness disappear from your relationship.

Consider her feelings. Think of how you’d feel if you were in her shoes. Would this hurt if she did or said these things to you? Even if your answer is “no” are you paying attention to how it DOES make her feel?


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