Things Olivia Pope And I Have In Common

Things Olivia Pope And I Have In Common

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The day I decided to indulge in Scandal on Netflix was the day I started to really get a view of who I am. Only, it was strange because I wasn’t looking in the mirror.

Instead, I was watching Kerry Washington pretend to be someone I actually am. She plays her part well and even now, I start to wonder if Kerry is really acting or if she’s actually the character she’s been cast to play.

As I pushed play to start season 5, I briefly asked myself if Scandal is in fact the success it is today because the women that watch it connect to Olivia Pope the way I do, or if they simply love the drama that comes with working in the White House.

It has taken me a while to write this post because some of the things I see in Kerry’s character aren’t easy for me to admit. Hell, I’m downright ashamed and embarrassed about some of the things on this list, but I realize that these things, both good and bad, are part of who I am. I have to accept that. I’ve been me my whole life so I might as well embrace it.

Below, I took mental notes of the things Olivia Pope and I have in common.


Olivia and I are both cute and have nice smiles. When first approached, we’re both kind and come across as harmless and sweet with a touch of wit.

However, when you piss us off, our claws come out and the fangs reveal themselves. We’re a lot stronger than we look and even if we’re unable to overpower our assailant, we can definitely give them a run for their money.


Ugh, I hate to say this, but I’m very spoiled. Like Olivia, I like pretty things and I expect to have them. Notice I didn’t say “Gold digger”. I actually take pride in being able to buy the things I want for myself.

I may not come across nearly as girly as Olivia, but I desire expensive/extravagant things just like she does and I’ll bitch, whine and moan like a child if I get anything less.


We feel the need to go above and beyond the expectations of not just others, but also ourselves. I enjoy going the extra mile and I feel a sense of superiority knowing that I’ve done my best and that everyone can see that.

I don’t expect a standing ovation or even a spoken congratulatory comment from my peers. For me, it’s enough just seeing their faces or knowing I was only two points higher than the previous score I made on a test. I especially enjoy knowing I’ve accomplished something I’ve never done before.


While I can’t say I’m a hardcore feminist, I can definitely say I will stand up for myself as a woman when I feel I’m being judged just because I have a vagina.

Don’t tell me I can’t do something, don’t tell me I’m weak, and don’t you dare tell me I’m wrong just because I’m a woman. I do understand that,physically, men are stronger than women. It’s just how nature intended, just like a woman’s body can naturally handle more pain than a man or how men naturally burn fat faster.

Just don’t tell me I can’t climb a rope using just my arms simply because I’m a woman, because that’s some seriously sexist bullshit. Don’t pay me less than a man just because I’m a woman even though I know the job just as well (if not better than) Bob over there.


If I’m told I’m wrong, but I know for a fact I’m right (seriously, people, get your facts straight) I can be snooty. This has earned me the reputation of being full of myself, which, isn’t necessarily the case unless I’m sure of myself.

In my defense, I’m only snooty about certain things and it’s not a long list, so this is a side that not many people see because it’s reserved for assholes and my closest friends only.

Speaking of friends…

Many Know Me, But I Have A Small Circle Of Very Close Friends

I’m a very, very social person. Even if I don’t know you, I’ll smile, wave and hold a conversation with you without thinking twice. I guess it’s my Mississippi roots, but when it comes to who I get drunk with or help move, I keep a small circle of really close friends that are the only ones that really get to see me in my true form.

Why? Well…

I Don’t Trust Many People

While the court of law says you’re innocent until proven guilty, my logic when it comes to trusting people is the opposite.

You’re full of shit and you’re a liar until proven innocent. That’s being harsh, but to be nice I’ll just say you’re untrustworthy until proven worthy.

This doesn’t mean I go around calling people liars when they say they’ll call me to hang out or will pay me back. It just means I’ve already started organizing plan B just in case this person doesn’t keep their word, this way I cover my ass JUST IN CASE I’m left hanging out to dry.

I Love Wine

My budget doesn’t allow me to partake in the super expensive bottles of wine Olivia is seen gulping down in numerous Scandal episodes, but I’m definitely picky about the brand and taste.

I find myself drinking at least two glasses of one every night before calling it a day. I guess this is due to both of us having stressful jobs that leave us staring at the ceiling and funneling through our thoughts.

Fear Of Love

I hate feeling vulnerable. I don’t like how love makes me feel even though part of me does want to experience love from someone who really wants to spend the rest of their life with me.

I’d like the thrill of moving in with someone, being proposed to and walking down the aisle, but I don’t like the process of trying to figure out if this is the right guy. I don’t enjoy taking the risk. It’s scary for me.

When things seem too perfect or too right, I search for flaws and an excuse to not completely trust and not completely let go of my fear. I’m so used to it that I do this without realizing it. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Daddy Issues

I resent my father for so many things. He’s damaged me, but part of the reason I can’t seem to break free of his spell is because part of me knows that he’s not all bad. He’s taught me some good things like how to be tough and how to never quit or how to do things myself so I don’t have to rely on a man to do them for me.

He’s my father, and while he’s fucked up, not even this is his fault because my grandfather was the same way and a father can only teach his daughter what he knows.

Dreamer With Goals

I’m a huge dreamer with even bigger goals. I’ve always been that way and it’s because I grew up with my mother mostly and she always encouraged us to go after the things we want from life. Even if I take a break from something, I always end up coming back to it because it starts to sit on my mind.

We Hate Being Proven Wrong

This is part of the reason I’m such an overachiever. I hate being wrong! My blood boils whenever I find out I’ve made a mistake or I’m corrected.

I get especially angry when the person that corrects me is super arrogant about it, which is also why arrogance is a trait I loathe.

Over Analyze

When faced with a problem, I like to think of all of my options and the consequences of each option before making a decision. This comes in handy when budgeting but can be a real problem when I over analyze someone’s words.

Someone can mean one thing, but I tend to think of all the possible meanings their statement could have instead of just taking it at face value.

It’s as if I always think someone is speaking in code. Again, not cool. Not. Cool.

Well Spoken

Despite the fact that I was born and raised in Mississippi, I was also raised by an English teacher and I tend to stand out because I am very articulate. I don’t really have a southern accent (although I do say southern phrases every once in a while) so people usually have to ask where I’m from because I don’t have a distinct accent.

In The End

While it’s both enlightening and creepy how much I have in common with Olivia Pope, I think I’ll continue to enjoy seeing a version of myself of the television screen.

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