TV Shows You'll Hate If You Don't Start From The Beginning

TV Shows You’ll Hate If You Don’t Start From The Beginning

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A great writer can find a way to connect their past writing to their future writing. Revisiting a joke from a previous episode on TV shows is common, however, for those who didn’t watch the very first episode of the season, this is confusing and their understanding of what’s going on goes out the window.

Have you ever joined your friends to watch their favorite TV show, only to find yourself sitting their staring blankly at the screen while your friends are laughing their asses off? You’re not dumb and it’s understandable that you don’t like the show, but the reason may not be because the screenwriters wrote a show that sucks, it could just be less entertaining because you haven’t watched it from the very beginning.

Let’s take a look of a few TV shows you’ll hate if you don’t start from the beginning.

The Office

When I first started watching this show I came in around the end of the second season. This show’s survival relied entirely on the hopes that viewers would start watching from the very first episode and be able to pick up on the humor, references and puns as you continued to watch.


Don’t even think about trying to watch this show out of order unless you enjoy being confused and frustrated at the same time. The writers gave this show a soap opera-like feel and each episode leaves you with questions that can only be answered if you continue to watch. I recently started watching this show and I’m addicted! I’m always sitting on the edge of my seat by the time the credits start rolling. Since I love to binge-watch shows, I started from the beginning with this one, but I can definitely see how someone could hate this if they were passing by the television and happened to stop to watch in the middle of the 4th season.

The Walking Dead (TWD)


While the plot of a zombie apocalypse seems like something you can enjoy even if you decide to jump on the bandwagon with all the other TWD fans mid season, you’ll be disappointed if you try to do that with this show. The plot is always getting thicker and thicker with this show, and if you’re gonna be hanging out with a group of loyal fans that have been watching since the very beginning, you’ll definitely want to secretly binge on this before the big day because being familiar with the characters and their stories is a must if you want to hangout with the big dogs.

Family Guy (Sometimes)

I’ve met very few people who have said they hate this show. This is probably because you really don’t have to watch this show from the very beginning. It’s usually hilarious no matter where you decide to start. However, I’ve noticed that some episodes reference an earlier episode whether it be a fight with a chicken, or a joke that’s help steady since it was first said back in the earlier seasons.


While I can’t say I was confused about what was going on when I saw my first episode of Dexter, I can say that I found it more entertaining after going back to the first season. It’s then that I realized just how many people had gone missing and discovered what Dexter was really all about.

How To Get Away With Murder

This is another TV show you shouldn’t even think about watching out of order! The character’s stories are way too connected to one another and you’ll definitely be lost if you don’t start from the very first episode. This is definitely one of my favorite TV shows, and after watching it from the very beginning I know I would have hated it if I hadn’t because I would have missed out on a lot of the story.

What are some other TV shows you’ll hate if you don’t start from the beginning? Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!

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