Why Oil Is The Only Product You Need To Pre-Poo

Why Oil Is The Only Product You Need To Pre-Poo

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As you search the web for the best pre-poo for natural hair, you’ll find that a common recipe is conditioner mixed with oil. While this does get the job done, you’re actually wasting product (conditioner).

What Is A “Pre-Poo”?

This is a conditioning process you do prior to cleansing the hair and it helps prevent damage from the manipulation of your hair when it’s wet and a lot of naturals also take this time to detangle their hair so they don’t have to worry about doing it after they’ve washed their hair.

This can be done 30 minutes prior to washing to easily remove shed hair and it helps provide a lubricant so it’s easier for you to unravel tangles without ripping your hair out. Some naturals even leave the product on their hair overnight.

Why Oil Is The Only Product You Need To Pre-Poo

While conditioner definitely has it’s place in your hair routine, it doesn’t HAVE to be used as a pre-poo because a natural penetrating oil provides enough slip to minimize tangles.

Natural oils are the best option they contain vitamins and nutrients to your strands and penetrating oils are even better because your hair actually absorbs the vitamins and nutrients instead of sitting on top of the hair.

Part of the goal of a pre-poo treatment is to provide your hair with enough moisture to help “de-kink” your coils.

Penetrating Oils That Are Easy To Find

How Do Oils Provide Moisture?

Oils really don’t provide moisture at all, despite what some might think. Oils actually help your hair hold on to the moisture your hair receives from water based products or good ole H2O alone.

Remember how I said you should go with a natural penetrating oil when choosing a pre-poo oil? Penetrating oils aren’t going to keep the water from your wash routine from getting into your hair, but this is only if you hair enough time to absorb it, which is why you should leave the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

This is also why so many naturals choose to leave the oil on their hair overnight, just to make sure the hair has absorbed as much of the oil as possible.

What If You Are Using A “No-Poo” Cleansing Method?

If you only conditioner to wash your hair or another cleansing method where you don’t use any shampoo at all, such as mud washing, leaving oil on your hair overnight may be the best option for you because this means your hair won’t be overly greasy. Clarifying conditioner can remove the excess oil and the water from your shower can still enter your strands.

Using Just Oil To Pre-Poo

Should you use oil on dry or damp hair? This is an ongoing debate in the natural hair community, but the answer is actually whatever works best for you. If you’re not sure which method you’d like to use, I’d recommend trying it both ways to see which method your hair likes best.

Applying Oil To Dry Hair– This works great if you want to finger detangle your hair and if you’re planning on leaving the oil on overnight because it will be less messy.

Choose your oil and apply it to each section of your hair. Place a plastic cap on your head and then tie a scarf around it so your pillow doesn’t get oily (If you’re not doing this overnight, you’ll still need to wrap something around the conditioning cap so increase body heat and to prevent the oil from oozing). You can also use a t-shirt or any head gear you’re comfortable wearing.

When you’re ready to wash your hair, just remove everything and continue with your usual wash routine.

Applying Oil To Damp Hair– The goal here is to help spread the oil easier. Make sure your hair is just damp and not soaking wet or you’re going to have oil and water all over you once your put your plastic cap on. This is also a better choice for you if you have low porosity strands.

Fill a spray bottle with warm water (warm water helps open the cuticle) and lightly spray each section of your hair. Apply the oil to each section, cover your hair with a plastic cap, wrap it with a scarf or hat and leave it on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

Remove the plastic conditioning cap and outter head gear and then continue with your usual wash routine.

What To Expect

If you’ve never done a pre-poo treatment, you’ll find your hair is more manageable during the cleansing process and find that your shed hair slides out with ease (especially if you like to finger detangle while standing under the shower stream).

If you’ve been doing pre-poo treatments but have never tried it without conditioner, you may find that your hair detangles and is just as manageable as when you use conditioner, with the exception that your hair will fell less soggy and weighed down.

Another benefit of using oil alone as a pre-poo treatment is reduction of frizz and increased shine even after you’ve removed the excess oil. Just remember to use PENETRATING oils or your hair will be super greasy until your next wash and even drier because new moisture can’t enter your hair’s cuticle until the heavy oil is removed.

How Do You Like To Do Pre-Poo Treatments?

Are you a fan of using just oil to pre-poo, or do you prefer to use conditioner? Leave your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to Know!



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