Why Trash TV Is So Addictive

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As I sit here writing this post, I can’t help but have the TV on. I guess I’m one of those bloggers that needs the background noise.

With me, I need a certain kind of background noise. Yes, I need the sounds of trash TV. So many times I’ve tried leaving the TV on something a little less distracting like Law & Order Criminal Intent, but for some reason the sound of jail cells closing and all the talk about blunt force trauma as the cause of death just doesn’t do it for me quite like the sounds of Jerry Springer.

It made me wonder, why is trash TV so addictive? I have a theory about this one.

It Can Be Shocking

Why Trash TV Is So Addictive

Have you ever watched an episode of Maury where the couple are two polar opposites? An extremely obese man with an anorexic-looking woman always sends a ton of questions to my mind.

“How does that work in the bedroom?” is honestly the first question that comes to mind.

I think one reason trash TV is so addictive is because we, as the audience, loves the shock factor. Who knows who’s gonna step out on the stage next? A woman who has a fantasy of being raped by a clown? Maybe another woman is back for her 20th time trying to find out who her baby’s daddy is.

It Makes Our Life Look Pretty Sweet

Maybe you’re unhappy in your current relationship or you’re sleeping with two men and just found out you’re pregnant (or sleeping with two women and found out one is pregnant).

Watching shows like Steve Wilkos, where the women are being verbally and physically abused or Jerry Springer where the couples are fighting and lying to each other to keep the fact that they cheated with 55 other people in the past year makes your own life seem awesome.

It really is an ego boost for some of us that think our lives suck. How many times have you watched one of these shows and thought “Yeah, see, now THAT’S a real problem.” I know I have. I’m actually shaking my head at a couple right now. Apparently this young teen’s boyfriend loves her but still calls her a whore and a “T.H.O.T” on a daily basis. That’s love for ya right there.

They’re On Early In The Morning

I consider “early in the morning” 6am, but then again I have a writer’s sleep schedule. Still though, these shows start at 9am. There aren’t a lot of other good shows on at that time. It’s mostly news and politics on at this time, so it’s a nice way to get away from the boring stuff that’s on TV.

By the time these shows are gone for the day, you still have a few hours before the “real” TV shows come on.

You Can Listen Without Watching

This is one of the reasons I love having these shows on in the background while I’m working. I don’t have to turn my head (even though I don’t intend to, I do turn my head away from my screen if someone walks onto the stage and the crowd goes wild) in order to get the full story.

It’s Just Funny!

Why Trash TV Is So Addictive

Yes, I’m aware that most of these shows (if not all) are scripted, and I’m sure you’re aware of this by now too, but it really doesn’t seem to matter. It’s entertaining and isn’t that what a TV show should be?

It’s funny when you’re watching the different fighting styles on Jerry Springer or hear the different accents of the various people that come on the show. Tell me you haven’t laughed and I’ll eat my computer. (I won’t really eat my computer, I need it, but you get the point)

Do You Find Yourself Turning The Channel To Trash TV?

I’d love to know what your thoughts are while you’re watching shows like this and what keeps you coming back for more. Leave your comment below with your thoughts on why trash TV is so addictive.

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